There are important duties and obligations that Powers of Attorney, Guardians and Estate Trustees are expected and required to fulfill when acting on behalf of an incapable person or administering an Estate of a deceased person. If you have any questions or concerns about the manner in which you, a family member or some other designated representative is administering or managing a loved one’s assets, we can help.

Estate Planning

Who will help ensure you are well cared for should you become incapacitated due to illness or injury? Who will carry out your wishes upon your death? Nelson Law can assist you with these questions and help your family, care provider or executor navigate this difficult trajectory to help ensure your rights and final wishes are respected.

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Estate Administration

Have you been named as a Power of Attorney or an Executor in a Last Will and Testament? Or, are you looking to become appointed as an incapacitated persons Guardian or Executor of an Estate of a loved one who passed away without a Will? If so, Nelson Law can assist you with various aspects of the estate administration and application process.

  • Probate Applications (with or without a Will)
  • Guardianship Application (for Property and of the Person)
  • Passing of Accounts
  • Estate Settlements
  • Executors Compensation

Estate Litigation

Have you developed concerns about the actions (or lack thereof) being taken by a care-giver, Power of Attorney or Executor of an Estate? Are others challenging your management of estate assets? At Nelson Law, we have experience representing Powers of Attorney, Executors, family members and beneficiaries who find themselves involved in an estate-related dispute.

  • Contested Passing of Accounts
  • Capacity Disputes
  • Will Challenges
  • Undue Influence
  • Misappropriation of Assets
  • Replacement or Removal of Executors or Powers of Attorney
  • Elder Abuse